Monday, August 6, 2012

Doggie That I Used To Know

We LOVE this clever YouTube video “doggie that I used to know” for recognizing the plight of shelter dogs and promoting adoption! It’s a parody of the Gotye song “somebody that I used to know”. Take a look!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rescue Myths...

There are many beautiful & loving adult Boxers available for adoption. Many of the dogs in rescue are there due to no fault of their own. Often they are already trained, healthy, and have wonderful temperaments.

Myth #1 It’s better to get a puppy because with an older dog, you never know what you’re getting.

At 1st that theory seems to make sense, except the exact opposite is true. All puppies are cute; all puppies love everyone. It’s not until a dog hits sexual maturity that some innate behavioral problems start to surface. There are many desperate calls made to rescues from people who paid thousands of dollars for a purebred puppy, who is now a year or two old and biting people, attacking other dogs, or engaging in some odd neurotic behavior. Buying & raising a puppy doesn’t mean you will automatically get a well tempered dog. Purebred is not the same as well-bred and with all the back yard breeders & unscrupulous puppy mills there are far more poor quality Boxer "breeders" than good ones.

The truth is this: when we list a 4 month old puppy, we can only guess what kind of adult she’ll make. When we list an 18 month old or two year old dog, we can predict pretty accurately what kind of dog you’ll have forever. Puppies take a long time to develop and mature before you see the true dog. However if you rescue an adult what you see is what you get. They have already grown into themselves.

Myth #2 I have small children so its better to get a puppy.

Without a doubt, this is the most common reason people want a puppy. A sweet, small puppy just seems like the best choice for sweet, small children.

The truth is Puppies have needle sharp teeth that they will happily sink into anyone. They also have sharp nails that scratch. Puppies have NO MANNERS. I have heard many parents complain about how their kids dislike the new puppy because the pup is biting them, jumping on them, scratching them. It might be in the name of play but for kids it still hurts & scares them...especially Boxer pups that often outweigh the children.

It takes the whole family to be consistent & calm with teaching a pup good manners and sometimes little kids don’t have the patience. Kids leave toys around (how is the pup supposed to learn not to chew in the midst of so much temptation?), and kids laugh, run, & squeal which eggs a puppy on.

Of course, puppies and small children do successfully co-habitate. But, in our experience, a calmer 2-3yr old boxer is a lot better fit for small children & inexperienced dog owners. A dog that has already been raised with kids or properly temperament tested is no more risky than a pup. Actually in many ways it’s less risky because their temperament is already known.

Myth #3 I’m unsure about getting a rescue dog, because I’m afraid he won’t bond to me.

That sound you hear is all our former adopters falling over laughing. Because the exact opposite is nearly always true--your rescue dog will CLING to you. There is NOTHING like the love of a dog that knows he’s/ she’s been given a 2nd chance. Rescue dogs are eternally grateful and seem to appreciate all their new family has to offer. They bond deeply and so will you! :-)

More Reasons to Rescue...

Additionally when you rescue (from a reputable breed specific boxer rescue) you (usually) have a team of people who make an effort to get to know their dogs and get to know you (meet your family, your other pets, see where you live, ask questions about your lifestyle, etc) so that a proper match can be made. Furthermore if you rescue & it doesn’t work out most rescue organizations will take the dog back.

And another bonus to rescuing is that your dog (or Puppy) will come already up to date on shots, Microchipped, and spayed/ neutered. And it’s all included in the adoption donation. Not many breeders can promise that. Additionally the adoption fees that you pay go right back into the rescue and directly help save another dog's life. No Breeder can promise that!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

If you’re interested in helping Homeless Dogs & Cats donate to your local Rescues & Shelters not the Humane Society of the United States. The HSUS spends the millions that they receive in donations on legislation & salaries and is not affiliated with ANY animal shelter.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You have all seen the cute “Dogs Rule” commercials from Pedigree. Well you should know that Pedigree is doing more than just making cute commercials. Pedigree helps shelter & rescue dogs by providing grants to 501(c)(3) shelters and rescue groups—and by encouraging dog adoption. BOCAR was a proud recipient of a 2009 grant from the Pedigree Foundation to help with the costs for our very special Boxers. Thank you to the Pedigree Foundation for their generous support!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Rowdy Update

Thanks to the generous donations from our supporters we have completed Rowdy’s 1st TPLO knee surgery. We would especially like to thank Dr Schulman & everyone at the Animal Medical Center of Southern California for taking such good care of this special boy! And Tazzy Fund for their very generous grant!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hi my name is Rowdy! Everyone laughs when they see me sit like this. I bet you laughed too. It might make you chuckle but the reason I sit like this is because my two hind legs are injured and it’s very painful for me to sit like a regular dog. So as you can see it’s no laughing matter. The good news is the nice people at Boxer Orange County Animal Rescue are dedicated to helping me. The bad news is the only fix is double knee surgery. Could you please help sponsor my upcoming surgery? It is a very expensive surgery and BOCAR could really use some help with the cost.